Dietetics and Nutrition

Making the smart food and nutrition choices is a necessary part of everyone's daily life and balanced nutrition is essential for a good health, physical growth and development, as well to regulate the basic body processes. Medical treatment for several diseases includes diet therapy. Thus, nutrition is both a preventive and therapeutic science. 

Our experienced dieticians plan the diet in accordance with the medical, social and physiological condition of the patient and for critically ill patients, the nutritional status is assessed on a daily basis and special tube feeds are indigenously prepared for each patient and closely monitored on daily basis in coordination with the medical team.

Our team of dedicated and committed dieticians at IndoGulf Hospital ensures individual personalized attention because it is essential to get a complete dietary analysis done to ensure the status of one's health.


  • Expert neurologist, Dr. Navdeep Kumar on behalf of Indogulf Hospital, participated in the Epilepsy Camp {held in Dadri, Noida}; benefitting over 50 patients.
  • Indogulf hospital ranks 3rd in Delhi & NCR for maximum number of successful elbow replacements.
  • A special Free Headache Camp was organised at Indogulf hospital on Sunday, 25th June'2017